Mobile Economic Eco-system (MEE) is a mobile authorization and payment solution developed in Denmark.

The company behind MEE (MEEuniversal ApS) has developed a complete eco-system for mobile payments – inclusive all the necessary main components to enable a technological best-in-classs, secure and scalable payment solution with the purpose to change the future of mobile payments.

With MEE we can change the existing payment infrastructure by using our account-to-account solution, while staying compatible with the traditional card infrastructure.

MEE offers a unique opportunity to replace the physical wallet with a digital wallet in the mobile phone, where all cards, accounts and loyalty cards can be kept in the same way as for a physical wallet, but used contactless from the mobile phone.

MEE was first launched in Randers on 31 October 2014, it has been rolled out to selected Netto shops in Denmark, and we are now working to roll it out further.

Our vision

Our vision is:

  • We make mobile payments and transactions available in a simple cost-efficient manner for everyone.
  • We focus on security in everything we do.
  • We develop innovating and sustainable solutions, which will co-exist in a fragmented market and develop our opportunities within the FinTech industry - not for the few, but for all involved parties.

Company Address

MEEuniversal ApS

Fladbrovej 17

8920 Randers NV



CVR-nr 36071931