The rise of the mobile payments

Credit cards have been dominating the payment industry – but now we are seeing a shift towards alternative payment services.

Credit cards have been the dominating payment type – but now we are seeing a shift towards alternative payment services. The mobile payment system is the bridge between the physical shopping experience and the ecommerce world.

Mobile POS systems together with a broad range of enabling technologies bundled in almost every smartphone encourages consumers to transact using the mobile in everyday situations. MEE is capable of disrupting the existing infrastructure via its bank account2account solution, but the MEE solution is also compatible with the traditional card-based infrastructure. Thus, MEE is prepared for the infrastructures to co-exist.

Designing a 360o ecosystem

Mobile Economic Ecosystem – MEE is a new infrastructure for mobile payments including a number of components

MEEwallet – the mobile wallet application, supporting a variety of means of payments including cards and accounts, loyalty and gift cards, coupons, receipts etc.
MEEgg – the payment terminal in the physical shop, used for authorisation of payments
MEEweb – the web payment solution, enabling MEEwallet safe payments on the Internet
The MEE infrastructure is based on: Capture of data in order to process transactions in accordance to pre-defined instructions, switching to ensure that correct Source of Funds are directed to correct recipient, tokenisation – Global Unique Identifiers of the user, payment method, merchant and session (transaction) and the
MEEadapter, which enables communication between clearing /payment partners and the MEE backend. The adapter is handling the tokenization ensuring that sensible payment data are secured.


Developing a cutting-edge technology

MEE has solved the Bluetooth™ hurdle to provide a state-of-the-art solution

One of the biggest obstacles against the use of NFC technology is the great dependency of handset compliancy. A true digital wallet should be transferable to another phone. Consumers should not be obliged to buy a phone based on the condition of which the phone or the operating system supports digital wallets.

We do not consider QR codes as a real challenger to either NFC or Bluetooth solutions due to lack of positive User Experience and Security.

MEE, as the first provider, has developed a Bluetooth-based solution with several significant competitive advantages.

Security is our holy grail

We think security first, in everything we do. We are convinced that security is key for both merchants and customers.

Consumers should never worry about their safety. That’s why we based our infrastructure on tokenisation, ensuring that no sensitive data can ever be exposed.

Thanks to the multi factor SAFEauthorisation protocol, MEE offers the highest security available today. No financial information is exposed between consumer and merchants


MEEgg, a unique POS Terminal Solution for merchants

Estimated processing time is 48 hours from signed contracts to delivery.
  • Plug-in the MEEgg
  • Connect to Internet
  • Create connectivity between cash register and MEEgg
  • You are now ready to accept payments from customers using MEEwallet


Merchants accepting payment transactions with MEEwallet obtain fast, reliable and secure transactions. Transactions are processed within seconds, reducing overall transaction time compared to other solutions available in the market. The solution is secure and cannot be compromised.

MEEgg can be integrated with the store’s cash register or used as a standalone POS

MEEwallet, an easy-to-use cross platform application

Designed to become a daily habit.

Thus, MEEwallet offers a unique opportunity to replace the physical wallet with a digital wallet solution, where any payment and loyalty cards can be stored in the same way as in a physical wallet, but used contactless with the mobile phone.

With a simple and intuitive interface, users can enrol various means of payments methods, loyalty and gift cards. Payment methods can be prioritised and in the payment situation, user can change the prioritised payment method while paying.
Today MEEwallet supports legacy card, such as Visa, MasterCard & Maestro, a loyalty payment card, Forbrugsforeningen, and a prepaid payment solution, Beeptify. Anyone can download the wallet and start using it.

Using MEEwallet does not require the user to be online, as the wallet communicates via Bluetooth with the MEEgg. This makes MEEwallet attractive for tourists, as they can use it without worrying about data roaming charges.

MEEwallet is available at the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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