About MEE solution

MEE is an abbreviation of Mobile Economic Eco-System, and it is an innovative mobile payment and secure authorization platform developed and first launched in Denmark.MEE enables simple, fast, highly secure and low cost transaction authorizations between Merchants and Consumers. Our ambition is to make payment authorization easier and more cost efficient than any other payment transaction method – at the highest level of security. Consumers are able to authorize payments and pay with the mobile phone using only one click, and the consumer immediately receives a receipt by e-mail. They do this through the MEEwallet mobile app for both iPhone and Android.

MEE is much more than than just a mobile application. It is a complete mobile authorization and payment eco-system with all the key components to provide a best in class, secure and scalable payment solution, which aims to change the future of mobile payments.

MEEwallet offers a unique opportunity to replace the physical wallet and cards with a true digital wallet solution utilizing direct account payments and cards depending on defined business rules agreed by the banks and merchants together. 

What makes MEEwallet the preferred solution is that it is not linked to a single brand or provider such as a bank or operator. The solution is OPEN both nationally and internationally, and is truly FLEXIBLE to meet local needs in terms of identity management, regulation, payment and loyalty schemes and so forth.Thanks to the multi factor authorisation protocol, MEE offers the highest SECURITY available today. The solution is truly uniform and fully tokenised, no financial or sensitive information is ever exposed. Furthermore, our MEEterminal offers a retail ready, non intrusive Point-of-Sale solution for integration into the cash register and has a standalone PoS solution for smaller retailers with FAST AND SIMPLE integration.
MEEwallet is a solution that solves what others have not yet solved. It is innovative, secure and simple – and works in the intersection of multiple mobile platforms.

The key products in the overall solutions are:

In combination, the above products constitute a complete payment authorization and transfer of funds eco-system.

Principles for building and maintaining MEE products

The MEE solution has been built based on the following principles:

  • Intuitive- Simple, based on customer centric convenience embodied in user friendly interaction
  • Secure- Thanks to the multi-factor SAFEauthorization protocol, MEE offers the highest security available today. No financial information is exposed between consumer and merchant
  • Open- MEE can integrate with any payment solution
  • Flexible- MEE supports legal and regulatory requirements for most countries, and all business models
  • Future Proof- MEE will support any device supporting a communication protocol
  • Convenient- The solution is ready for integration into the cash registeer and has a standalone POS solution for smaller retailers
  • Scalable- The solution is ready and fully operational as well as fully scalable at a global level
  • Competitive- Competitive integration and running costs
MEEwallet supports legacy payment cards, loyalty solutions, electronic receipts, account-to-account payments and much more.

Read more about the individual MEE Products on the individual product pages

MEE is the most secure payment authorization solution for physical merchant shops

MEE is an authorization platform utilizing strong cryptographic principles, which guarantee that a device-owner has been present at a specific location with his/her mobile phone and authorized a specific action. 

Full security is thus one of the key advantages of using MEE in the moment of purchase at a physical shop.

What is secured?

  • The buyer is in the shop (location)
  • The buyer has used the registered mobile phone to authorize the purchase (something you have)
  • Buyer uses his/her PIN (something you know) or has performed a biometric validation (something you are)

MEE is integrated to multiple PSPs and banks. In this context MEE can be seen as a payment authorization platform, but it is important to underline the fact that MEE mainly is a platform to enable location specific authorizations by a customer or user of a service. Hence, we believe there many more use cases related to secure location specific authorization of a user, customer, employee, supplier, etc.

MEE is fully PSD2 compliant.

We are happy to explain how we enable the above security. Reach out to MEE for a meeting, so that we can explain the details.