Welcome to MEE

MEE is a Mobile Economic Ecosystem – a new platform for generations of payment services to come. It is a 100 % cloud based infrastructure that authorizes transfer of financial funds – developed specifically to facilitate very secure mobile payments in retail stores. From an end user perspective, MEE can either be utilized through a standalone mobile app or though merchant’s or bank’s own mobile apps with and integrated and branded MEE payment authorization solution – allowing merchants and/or banks to take control of the entire end-to-end buying experience.

Click here to read about and see video of how Salling Group launched its own self-service solution tailored for supermarkets.

MEE is the most secure payment authorization solution for physical merchant shops

MEE is an authorization platform utilizing strong cryptographic principles, which guarantee that a device-owner has been present at a specific location with his/her mobile phone and authorized a specific action. 

Full security is thus one of the key advantages of using MEE in the moment of purchase at a physical shop.

What is secured?

  • The buyer is in the shop (location)
  • The buyer has used the registered mobile phone to authorize the purchase (something you have)
  • Buyer uses his/her PIN (something you know) or has performed a biometric validation (something you are)

MEE is integrated to multiple PSPs and banks. In this context MEE can be seen as a payment authorization platform, but it is important to underline the fact that MEE mainly is a platform to enable location specific authorizations by a customer or user of a service. Hence, we believe there many more use cases related to secure location specific authorization of a user, customer, employee, supplier, etc.

MEE is fully PSD2 compliant.

We are happy to explain how we enable the above security. Reach out to MEE for a meeting, so that we can explain the details.