MEE is a Mobile Economic Ecosystem – a new platform for secure and cost effective payment authorizations for all parties in the payment value chain, i.e. consumers, merchants, and banks.

MEE creates value by providing:

  • Consumers with a great and optimized shopping and payment experience
  • Merchants and banks with a digital payment transaction method, which has same status as a cash payment (due to the innovative and specific nature of MEE), but without needing to handle banknotes, coins and cards
  • Merchant and banks with the potential for sharing information and providing new innovative services across all parties in the value chain (subject to consumer consent)
  • Merchants with the option to take full control of the end-to-end buying and payment experience through own merchant branded loyalty and/or payment app with MEE functionality inside across both iOS and Android
  • Merchants with the option to easily extend the MEE solution with a full scan and go solution (see example below)
  • Banks with the option to take a greater role in the payment value chain, i.e. act not only as issuer and clearinghouse, but also as PISP, acquirer and PSP

Click here to read about and see video of how Salling Group launched its own self-service solution tailored for supermarkets.

Solution can also be utilized for other forms of digital authorizations, where security is critical.